Our Story

Memphis has always been a hotbed for talent. So it just makes sense to have a program that prepares our youth for the jobs and opportunities that they can have in the arts, media, and music industries. Y.A.D.A. stands for Youth Artist Development Academy, the brainchild of founders Roberto and Rochelle Person, who began in 2010 training their children, friend's kids, and family in the performing arts with a faith-based focus.

Our  Program

YADA is a place where all the performing arts come together -  acting, singing, spoken word, rap, poetry, music, dance - to create. Students are exposed to fundamental theater arts techniques designed to build confidence, explore self-expression, empower their creative voice and instill professionalism.

Each season the students put together one production according to their collective interests and abilities such as a concert or a play. In the creation of the showcase throughout the season, they are trained in voice, dance, and acting with a concentration in their specific roles. The community that forms through their teamwork is extremely valuable as the students learn about alternative arts-related careers.


  • Tutoring and homework help
  • P.M. Snack and Dinner

  • Audition Coaching 

  • School Site Pick-up (limited)

Confidence! On Stage | On Camera | In Life

Countless research proves that students involved in the arts show improved academics and behavior in school. Y.A.D.A. powerfully encourages self-esteem, self-expression, creativity, and self-discipline 


To join Y.A.D.A., students must be at least 7yrs old and have an interest in the arts. All students must audition and go through an interview process before being accepted into our program. Class size is limited to ensure the individualized attention and support needed for young developing artists. Auditions are held three times a year for the Fall, Spring, and Summer Sessions.  

Mission & Vision

Confidence! On stage| On Camera and In Life


Our mission is to empower artistic youth through practical arts training, personal development, and exposure that leads to career pathways in the arts.   


The vision of Y.A.D.A. is to create a faith-based learning environment where youth receive industry level arts training, exposure and performance opportunities that increase the likelihood of professional success.