The Y.A.D.A. After School Program

Each season the students put together one production according to their collective interests and abilities such as a concert or a play. In the creation of the showcase throughout the season, they are trained in voice, dance, and acting with a concentration in their specific roles. The community that forms through their teamwork is extremely valuable to this family-oriented program.

What Are The Benefits Of Our Program?

As our schedules have become busier with school, homework, and other activities, so have the demands of parents to juggle these schedules and still find time for family. The latest educational research indicates that music and the arts correlates to the development of skills in other core subjects. Research has also shown that the “arts powerfully encourages self-esteem, self-expression, creativity, and self-discipline.”


Our After School Program provides just one more convenient way for children to experience and enjoy the arts while lessening the demand of parents to get their children to such activities!


Inquire about school site pick-up. We are here for you!

Who Can Participate?

Y.A.D.A. is a membership based program available for youth ages 8 and up. We provide transportation from select neighboring schools to our facility within a 10 mile radius. Members may also be dropped off at the studio.


We accommodate “Non- Member Participation” on an as needed basis when space is available. Audition required.