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Help Us Keep His Dream Alive!

Greetings and Salutations to everyone in our YADA Community!  Today is Mr. Person’s birthday, and we wanted to check in with our community this summer at YADA Memphis and update you all on our upcoming plans. Since the passing of our CEO and Creative Director, Mr. Roberto Person, we have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to help ensure his legacy continues and have been integrating new ways to bring his visions into fruition. Just this Summer, despite his passing, we’ve been active in our South Memphis Community, working hard to provide meals for hundreds of families and students. Along with serving meals, we’ve been teaching and mentoring students through our Summer Camp program, creating and strengthening bonds with the youth in our community. We were even blessed to receive an award and scholarship from Hamilton High School in honor of Mr. Person’s legacy, dedicated to the graduating class of 2023. Mr. Person loved and cared for Hamilton, and we desperately want to keep on providing that same love and support for years to come.


As you all may know, YADA began 10 years ago as an in-home mentoring service for family and friends. Since then, the organization has grown and through the years we’ve mentored countless students and pushed them to pursue their God-given talents. Unbeknownst to him, Mr. Person’s vision began from a young age; as he was a very gifted child with the natural talent of singing. Unfortunately, he had a tough time taking it to the next level. Believing the societal rhetoric that there is no real “ money” or “vocation” in the arts, Mr. Person decided to not pursue singing and instead would go on to study at University of Memphis to find a “practical” career, get married and start a family. Despite leaving behind his dreams, in an ironic twist of fate, God blessed him with two inherently talented children, who would go on to win several awards as “Personal Praise” and work vocationally in the arts. Mr. Person immediately began to cultivate their talent providing for them the resources he yearned for in his youth. Eventually, his dreams grew beyond his children and he grew to  provide cultivation to the next generation youth. Thus the Youth Artist Development Academy, otherwise known as YADA Memphis, was born. He worked hard to build our organization from the ground up so no other child would abandon their talents like he once did. It’s been incredibly tough keeping the organization running but the Person family is dedicated to keeping the dream alive and dedicated to our communities.


Mr. Person wasn’t just our leader and CEO, but he was the driving force behind YADA Memphis, constantly pushing us to be our best selves, and pushing the organization to be bigger and better. Without him, we’ve been working tirelessly to serve our community up to his standards, however we’ve come to a roadblock in our path. If we want to continue to serve your children and our community then we need your help. Currently, YADA Memphis operates out of a local church and the facility and kitchen lacks the proper infrastructure to serve hot meals and host classes. WE’VE OUTGROWN OUR BUILDING! This is a blessing since we’ve finally been able to touch enough lives to effect real change in our community.  However we need help from you to help us achieve this goal. We’re currently seeking sponsors who can pledge their donor-ship to us in the coming months while we restructure our organization and move to a location fit for the services we provide. We’re calling upon you for your support to commit to a three month donation. We have prepped the soil and are ready to return your investment and effect real change in our community. Please, help us keep the dream alive as we expand Mr. Person’s vision and create a legacy in our community that will never die.


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